Brain Power and Positive Thinking

By on 2-10-2014 in Blog

I shudder every time I hear, “Just Think Positively”  Ughhh!  I want to run screaming from the building!! It’s because I was told that for so long and for so long, it DIDN’T work!  I would think those positive thoughts and they were short lived and soon followed with the “tapes” of my past conditioning and childhood.  The pattern imprint I received was very, very negative.  I was raised by one of my parents being submissive to the other and the “strong” one looked at life through the glass half empty mentality.  So my subconscious (computer hard drive) was wired with negative self talk.  The truth is it IS possible to think POSITIVELY….but not until our hard drives are erased and re-programmed with those ideals and beliefs and desires we are now consciously seeking and asking for.  The AsYouThinkYouAre Coaching Center Modalities provide just that.  EFT and NLP (to names a few) are silver bullets into the sub-conscious and can “restore” us to sanity. Good news, right?  POSITIVELY!! ;o)  So Is what you are DOING (thinking) today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?  If you aren’t getting the results in life that you desire, then give us a call!  801-830-3866