Kandy GravesKandy Graves loves assisting others to create lives of purpose and passion through assisting them to become aware of their thought processes, patterns of behavior, and response! Her experience really started at birth, being born to a drug addicted mother and an enabling father in the early 1960’s in Southern California. These childhood experiences led her into her life’s work of finding healing for her and showing others that life is a joyful adventure! All the pain people feel and live through is for their good. It’s in facing the pain of their past that they find their greatest strengths and greatest lessons to aid in creating a life of purpose, passion, and success! Kandy is the mother of three sons and loves spending time with them and her three grandchildren.

She is a pattern-breaker and her purpose and passion in life is to assist other to find and create theirs! She is the owner and operator of the AsYouThinkYouAre Coaching Center and is currently in high demand to facilitate others in private sessions as well as group session and her self-made “Deliberate Living” series of classes.

Are you ready for more of what you want in your relationships? Are you ready for a healthier body, prosperity, and abundance in all aspects of your life? The time is now! Join Kandy on the journey toward Transformation, Awareness, and Success!

Interview with Deborah Deras on May 19, 2015