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Kandy Graves Presents:

The ‘AsYouThinkYouAre™’ Apprenticeship

A course in Emotional Release, Pattern Breaking, Intuitive Life Coaching, NLP, EFT, Chakra’s, Law of Attraction, 12 Step Protocol and Wellness and Weight Release Education. I will also include training in The ‘Deliberate Living™’ Thought Management System that I together with my husband have developed. You will benefit from my several certifications as I relate to you and teach you what it is that I know and do.
There is such a great need for what I do. Many, many more people need the benefit of these modalities and with this training you can assist in the healing that is so desperately needed. The class is also designed for the student serious about change in their own life as well. The class price and time involved is a great way to do your own work at a reduced price from what private one on one sessions would be.
YOU! – Please share with anyone you feel would have a desire to heal first then assist in healing others.
Once a week via Online. There are two sections, each six months in duration..
Online, in the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world you may be!
Starting November 15th, 2018, the price of the apprenticeship is $7195.00. This price includes registration and 48 weeks of Zoom Room classes PLUS 10 private, two-hour sessions to be used within the year. These sessions ARE transferable to your family members.

**Early Bird Discount of $1000.00 when paid IN FULL 10 days prior to the first class! = $6195!!

$7195.00 Installment Plan Available with the following terms: 1) $1250 (10 sessions) + $95 (Registration fee) + $487.50 (1st month payment) upfront due by November 24th. ($1832.50) 2) 11 equal installments of $487.50 due the 1st of January and the first of each month thereafter, with the final installment due November 1st 2019.

$95 nonrefundable registration fee due now to reserve your spot.

My private session prices are as follows: 1 session: $175 5 sessions: $750 ($150 each) 10 session: $1250 ($125 each)

Remember: Share this life changing course with your friends and family! For every paying student you refer you will receive a 10% discount off of the base tuition!!

I truly thought I was in such a great place in my life, but at the same time knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I felt stuck! There was something missing. My business was struggling and as my 50th year on this earth began I was looking at where I was. Nothing was ‘wrong’ but nothing was right. After meeting Kandy I felt so strongly that I had found my ‘teacher’. I have now begun my journey to a life full of joy, fulfillment, and abundance!  I learned that I was sabotaging everything in my life! Me, and no one else! And of course I had my own beliefs about myself and my ‘role’ in the family, as a child and as a mother; all of which had great intentions, but had painful outcomes. Kandy has a wonderful gift!!  I am so grateful she is helping others to realize the power we all have within ourselves to live life on purpose! I have been able to clear the fog and am realizing my own potential and my life is changing daily!! I am off my ADD meds! I feel fantastic and I released 5 lbs in my first 5 days! A great start if you ask me!!! I love Kandy and am grateful for being guided to her!

– Michelle from Utah – 801-830-2118

“My goal in doing the AsYouThinkYouAre apprenticeship was to help others heal their lives.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. I knew there would be a variety of processes that I would learn to help clients to heal emotionally, but I had no idea what they would be like.  I am so grateful I have learned processes like NLP and EFT.  I thought I had done a lot of emotional healing for myself prior to the AsYouThinkYouAre apprenticeship, but I didn’t realize that it was such a small amount of healing.  The tools I have gotten from the AsYouThinkYouAre  apprenticeship have helped me continue the process of healing my own life.  I know I have a lot more healing to do for myself, but I also feel confident in starting to help others heal from their own emotional wounds as well.  I am excited to help people discover what powerful creators they are, and how to use that power to bring greater happiness into their lives.”

– Jed Broberg from Utah – 385-244-6760

When I heard about the AsYouThinkYouAre apprenticeship I knew I wanted to do it right away. I knew the tools and variety of modalities in the course would be a valuable tool in my own personal healing as well as assisting others in their healing. I loved learning about the power I have to create the life I really want! I love helping others see the blocks and wounds that stand in the way of getting the life they really want. I learned to listen for and trust my intuition. I now create a world of healing for individuals and families to break free of old patterns and create a space to be free and thrive!

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– Tera Brown from Utah – 801-231-6477

I chose the AsYouThinkYouAre Apprenticeship because I wanted to have skills and tools that would be helpful in my support group, and experiential weekends. I learned that I was battling serious co-dependence, and needed some major boundary work. I also began the process of reframing my false beliefs about myself and life. I’ve let go of fear, and adopted many daily practices that have raised my resonance. I am happier and heal myself daily!

-Maryann Broberg – 385-244-6759

“One of my favorite lessons from the “As You Think You Are” curriculum is this:  “What you think is the problem, really isn’t the problem.”  I first came to Kandy for support and help with a child’s drug addiction.  The first thing Kandy taught me was that my power to help someone else starts with my ability to change myself.  I initially scoffed at this seemingly backwards approach to such an urgent issue.  However, as I practiced the principles she taught, I witnessed miraculous changes that began to occur in my life as well as in my child’s life. Because of what I have learned through this experience, I have “grown into” one of my most important purposes– I am now facilitating others in discovering their purpose and power.  Kandy’s “tool box” is so much more than just a set of methods used for fixing problems.  Her tools and teachings are paradigm shifting. They expand vision and empower individuals to reach new heights by putting them in the driver’s seat of their own healing.”

– MarySue Willden,, 909-646-3581

“I just wanted to thank Kandy Graves for the great Apprenticeship program she teaches. I am very thankful for her wisdom, friendship and Love! She mentors you throughout the entire program giving you the personal growth and support you need to be successful in coaching. Her program gives you the tools and applications which allows your personal growth and expansion. I cannot express enough how thankful I am for her and her work!! I have chosen to work with women that are ready to release co-dependent habits and behaviors and embrace their ideal life. I have gone onto certify in other modalities as well. These along with what I’ve learned from the ‘AsYouThinkYouAre’ Apprenticeship allow me to assist my clients in releasing their limiting patterns and restores them to live the life of their dreams! Contact me for a free 15-minute discovery call to determine what works best for you! With much Gratitude.”

-Shanna Graves,, 801-644-8038 (P.S. We are not related!)

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