Energy Therapy

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Energy Therapy

“All of the pain we feel and live through in life is for our good and it’s in facing the pain of our past that we find our greatest strengths and greatest lessons to aid in our creating a life of purpose, passion and success!”

Coach Kandy

Kandy is a Certified Emotional Release Facilitator, Certified Intuitive Life Coach and she has worked with a Debbie Ford trained Coach. These certification and trainings and much more add to her broad base of knowledge and skills which make for IMMEDIATE CHANGE on your first session with her.Kandy has a wide variety of tools that allow her to assist those in breaking their unnecessary patterns, find their purpose, and live a life of passion and success! Some of the tools include but are not limited to:

  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Visualization
  • Guided Imagery
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Speak Out Feelings
  • Inner Child Work
  • Re-Parenting
  • Higher Power
  • Law of Attraction: Understanding and Application
  • Somatic Markers
  • Epi-Genetic technique, Restoration, Access in Consciousness (AIC)