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30 Minutes Could Change Your Life


What to expect in your FREE 30 minute Emotional Healing through Essential Oils, consultation:

  • It’s best to be in a quiet place with no interruptionseli clouds 3
  • You can choose to have this process done over the phone or in a Zoom Room video conference setting, where we can see each other! The next best thing to being right there! (in person sessions are available if you live close to me).
  • Through the use of Applied Kinesthesiology, sometimes referred to as Muscle Response Testing you will be guided toward a particular essential oil that would best support and facilitate your current need for emotional healing and wholeness.
  • Once an essential oil is determined to best suit you, you will receive an explanation of what that oil promotes and provides.
  • You will experience one of the following modalities, depending on your current state and need:
    • Guided Imagery
    • Visualization
    • Mediation
    • Deliberate Story©
    • Re-parenting
    • Connection with your Higher Power
  • You will walk away with greater clarity and understanding about the origin of that emotion and why it was there in the first place and you will certainly be lighter and free-er than before the session took place!
  • My goal in every session is to facilitate understanding and healing. I desire everyone that participates in this free session to live closer to who they really are, to experience the resonance of Love and above. Because I know as that is achieved your renewed and more enlightened frequency benefits not only you but everyone in your world! You will have a greater impact for change and transformation in your own family.

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