Love Conquers All

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Love Conquers All

I love to ride my bike in the summer months here in Utah Valley where I have lived for 19 years now. Being on my mountain bike reminds me of growing up in Southern California on the Mojave Desert. I would get on my bike on summer mornings and ride along the California Aqueduct, and throughout the small town I grew up in called Quartz Hill. I’ve quietly contemplated why I enjoy this activity so much. Yes, it is because it reminds me of my childhood, but it represents so much more than that. It represented freedom and peace and a reprieve from the negative energy I was living in. I could get up and leave my house, I could go where I wanted to go, see what I wanted to see. Life inside my house was not so much fun. It was the leaving of it that brought me joy!

To this day as I ride my bike I feel a sense of peace and calm as well as excitement and freedom! I feel and resonate in LOVE as I take in the beautiful surroundings of the green forest around me, the flowing of the Provo River and the birds and snakes and even bunnies that I’ve seen along this path! Recently I was riding along this Provo Parkway Trail and the following came to me:

I heard a story of an experiment that was conducted on rabbits. The rabbits were being fed a terrible diet high in cholesterol, fats and sugars. The scientists basically wanted to see how long it would take a diet like to facilitate disease. The rabbits were divided into two groups – just for the ease of feeding. There were two interns employed to come in and feed their group of bunnies. Statistics were marked and watched and one of the groups of bunnies had a significantly lower incidence of heart disease, 60% lower than the other group. Quite by accident it was discovered that the group of bunnies with the lower heart disease stats was being fed by an intern that liked to pick up each bunny and cuddle it, stroke it and talk to it before feeding them!

I love this story! Even though the poor diet took its toll on all the bunnies to a certain extent, those that received LOVE were able to block out a significant portion of the negative effects! I KNOW this to be true! I myself can look back over my 50 years on this planet and I can see when I blocked love, when I didn’t accept it – because it didn’t look like I thought it should – when I refused it, my life SUCKED! That resonance of LOVE eluded me and when it did, I suffered for it!

In the work that I do, I assist others to go back and reframe events of their past where they blocked LOVE or in some cases they were not receiving any – or at least it looked like that to them… let me explain. I have a client who was abused from infancy till about the age of 14. Even though we may all agree that abuse isn’t love, it is however, what was offered him by his drunken father and brother’s. It was ALL they knew how to give, because it was all that was given them. This was the pattern in this family line. If we can look back at those times in our lives where we judge that we weren’t loved and can see it as an attempt at the expression of love then that reframing of it in our brain assists us to resonate in LOVE now and as we resonate LOVE we get more of it back in our lives!

This young man truly knows today what LOVE is – not in spite of his experiences but BECAUSE of them! LOVE or above on theMap of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins is where peace, calm, and serenity can be found… it’s also found on the back of my mountain bike! Write down events of your life where you didn’t feel loved, be willing to look at the possibility that the person involved really did love you but it came out skewed – quite possibly due to a family pattern. Then REFRAME that event in your brain! SEE it differently! Stop taking score of ‘what is’ and see what you WANT to see!

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