Map of Consciousness

From ‘Power vs. Force’ by David R Hawkins, pages 68-69

The Map of Consciousness is written by Dr. David Hawkins M.D., Ph.D. and is taken from his book, Power Verses Force. The map of consciousness is a scale of emotions that have been calibrated by Dr. Hawkins. The map shows shame to be the lowest, slowest calibrating emotion with a log of 20 on the scale. Whereas enlightenment is at the top of the scale and calibrates at 1000. This map is extremely useful in our work at AsYouThinkYouAre. It illustrates for the client their current emotional state and one can easily see the correlation between feeling depressed and feeling shame and guilt over a past event (somatic marker) in the brain. This can be a conscious memory or a subconscious one. Using Muscle Testing we can pinpoint the age of the client when the event or trigger took place and now begin to heal it by diffusing the energy around and associated with the marker.


Level Log Emotion
Enlightenment 700-1000 ineffable
Peace 600 bliss
Joy 540 serentiy
Love 500 reverence
Reason 400 understanding
Acceptance 350 forgiveness
Willingness 310 optimism
Neutrality 250 trust
Courage 200 affirmation
Pride 175 scorn
Anger 150 hate
Desire 125 craving
Fear 100 anxiety
Grief 75 regret
Apathy 50 despair
Guilt 30 blame
Shame 20 humiliation