Kandy Graves Presents:
The ‘AsYouThinkYouAre™’

Lesson Schedule
Payment Information
A course in Emotional Release, Pattern Breaking, Intuitive Life Coaching, NLP, EFT, Chakra’s, Law of Attraction, 12 Step Protocol and Wellness and Weight Release Education. I will also include training in The ‘Deliberate Living™’ Thought Management System that I together with my husband have developed. You will benefit from my several certifications as I relate to you and teach you what it is that I know and do.
Because many have asked and it’s time! There is such a great need for what I do. Many, many more people need the benefit of these modalities and with this training you can assist in the healing that is so desperately needed. The class is also designed for the student serious about change in their own life as well. The class price and time involved is a great way to do your own work at a reduced price from what private one on one sessions would be.
YOU! – Please share with anyone you feel would have a desire to heal first then assist in healing others.
Once a week via Webinar for the winter months. (November through April)  In person at a to be determined location for the Spring and Summer months in Utah.
There are two sections, each six months in duration.
To be determined
$300 per month for a total of $1800 per section.  Can be paid up front or in monthly payments.  Payments are due before the month starts.
$125 nonrefundable registration fee due to reserve your spot. We will be meeting approximately 4 times a month for 4 hours each class period.
My private session prices are as follows:

1 session: $175

5 sessions: $750 ($150 each)

10 session: $1250 ($125 each)