PTSD Recovery

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PTSD Recovery

Most people live in a state of almost continuous, low-level unease, discontent, boredom or nervousness – a kind of background static. We may not be aware of it because it is so much a part of “normal” living… not unlike becoming aware of a background noise such as the hum of an air conditioner, when it stops. When it does stop, there is a sense of relief. Many people use alcohol, drugs, sex, food, work, TV, or even shopping as anesthetics in an unconscious attempt to remove this basic unease. When this happens – an activity that might be very enjoyable if used in moderation becomes imbued with a compulsive/addictive quality, and all that is ever achieved through it is – extremely short-lived symptom relief.

Epi-Genetic technique is just one of Kandy’s tools in her toolbelt to assist you in getting to the core issue of that addiction or any unhappiness you may be experiencing in your life. Here’s how the Epi-Genetic technique works:

ANY retained negative memory (a trigger from a past event) is a piece of basically frozen energy (stored as a somatic marker in the brain) that you own and identify with or can be there but on a completely sub-conscious level, so you have no conscious memory of the event. The Epi-Genetic technique increases the power of your Identity Biofield (Also known as the Auric Field) so that this positive energy from your Heart pulls the negative emotions and feelings from the Frozen Energy (the somatic marker) and the memory goes neutral feeling.

Kandy can assist you in addressing the issues in your relationships:
When dysfunction is present in the family every member of the family is affected. We are affected in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Through the first 18 years of our lives, our families had 6,570 days to shame, belittle, ignore, criticize, or manipulate us during the most formative years of our being. That is 160,000 hours of living in dysfunction with unhealthy parenting. (and let’s face it, it is rare that there is a family not dysfunctional in some way. We parents don’t mean to but we simply do what was done to us…what was modeled for us. No CONSCIOUS parent wakes up in the morning and says, “How can I screw up the kids today?” but they do! We do.) That is 72 seasons of sorrow stored deeply in the tissue of our bodies. The dysfunction is encoded into our souls as the false self. To survive this long exposure to family dysfunction our minds developed deeply entrenched roles and traits that changed the meaning of words and experiences. Some of us “misremembered” the damaging nature of what we endured because we were dependent children. This… in an attempt to stay “safe”. The ‘AsYouThinkYouAre’ processes can help heal this false self… the wounded inner child.

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