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Since taking Kandy Graves AsYouThinkYouAre Apprenticeship course, not only do I have knowledge that will help others to create the life they really want, but I have experienced a dramatic shift in my own energy. I am now aware that my thoughts and beliefs created all that I was experiencing, which included migraines, anxiety attacks, no income and even acne. Kandy has taught me simple but powerful techniques to reprogram my beliefs and change my thoughts and therefore my experiences! I have proof for myself that the apprenticeship course offers invaluable knowledge for a better life. It is so wonderful that I am learning to facilitate others as I take what I am learning and that I can ultimately use it in my own life coaching practice when I complete the course certification.

-Chrissy Carrasco, California


My goal in doing the AsYouThinkYouAre apprenticeship was to help others heal their lives. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. I knew there would be a variety of processes that I would learn to help clients to heal emotionally, but I had no idea what they would be like. I am so grateful I have learned processes like NLP and EFT. I thought I had done a lot of emotional healing for myself prior to the AsYouThinkYouAre apprenticeship, but I didn’t realize that it was such a small amount of healing. The tools I have gotten from the AsYouThinkYouAre apprenticeship have helped me continue the process of healing my own life. I know I have a lot more healing to do for myself, but I also feel confident in starting to help others heal from their own emotional wounds as well. I am excited to help people discover what powerful creators they are, and how to use that power to bring greater happiness into their lives.

-Jed Broberg in Utah


Hi, my name is Sarah and I grew up in CA. I’m 27 years old, and single. I heard about Kandy Graves from a friend who had recently been divorced. She said that Kandy had helped her to start dating again and that now she stays open to the best possibilities instead of being tied to a particular outcome (like getting a certain guy). I admired this mindset and knew that it would be very helpful in my life. I had always been an ambitious girl and what I went after (be it in sports, school, or work), I usually obtained. But I had seen that relationships can’t be forced and I didn’t want them to be. I had also observed that in an effort to achieve a particular outcome in dating, I was not always myself and this caused insecurity and frustration. I knew that I wanted to love myself more and for the right reasons. I also wanted to form strong relationships in which both people kept their identities and loved each other for them. I have accomplished both because of Kandy’s coaching. For the past 6 months, we have had coaching sessions by phone. Among many things, she has taught me to be aware of my thoughts and to consciously choose my thoughts because they determine my attitude, actions and ultimately my destiny. I have chosen a bright and exciting future and my thoughts support that. In the past, I would let negative thoughts discourage me and this would spiral into sadness and lack of hope. With Kandy’s guidance, I have faced the source of those negative thoughts and realized that they are not true. The truth is that I am a beautiful child of Deity with endless potential and so are you. It’s easy to let disappointment and fear weigh you down but if you are aligned with God, the peace comes from within you and then like Paul promised, nothing can separate you from His love. (Romans 8:39) I am so grateful for the authentic confidence, purpose, and clarity in life that Kandy has helped me discover. I would recommend her to anyone because she has opened my mind to a better way of thinking and a joyful way of living.

-Sarah in California


In the beginning, I was not a believer. But I heard stories about Kandy Graves; how she had turned people’s lives around for the better—even saved lives, and I heard some of these stories first hand from those Kandy had helped.

So when I got to a point in my life that I needed some help; I was conflicted, very conflicted. On one hand, I had serious doubts about the effectiveness of Kandy’s methodologies and whether I could even believe them, and on the other hand, I had a mountain of first-hand knowledge of people who Kandy had helped; people just like me, with issues just like mine. I reasoned with myself—if Kandy could help “so and so,” could she could help me as well?

I had lost my job a few months before and I was recently divorced. My former spouse wouldn’t provide our children for my parent time visits until I took her to court, which was very stressful and expensive—especially considering I didn’t have a job. I came to a point where the combined factors of the legal issues with my former spouse and my unemployment got the best of me. I’m generally an “up” person, and I don’t know exactly how it happened, but all of a sudden, I realized I was down. I realized, I was even having trouble coming across positively in job interviews. I felt overwhelmed, and I knew I had to “fix” this fast.

Finally, though I didn’t “believe,” I realized I was willing to believe and I wanted to believe, so I took the plunge. I met with Kandy, and suspended judgment. Though I had serious doubts that these things would work, I knew they had worked for many others, so I decided, in essence, to let the results speak for themselves.

I began seeing results almost immediately after I began meeting with Kandy. I began feeling better, I began being better. Each session brought marked improvement. I could no longer disbelieve because I could see the results in my own life. I interviewed for and got the best job of my life. I was amazed at how quickly my life got better; not that all the challenges of my life went away, but I was just so much better equipped to deal effectively with them.

I was surprised at how quickly my life had improved. I was elated at the control I now felt in my life. I am a believer.

-Bryan B.  in Utah


I met Kandy Graves over 9 years ago. A co-worker of mine happened to be married to one of her sons and she spoke to me of a new type of “therapy” that Kandy and her husband Bruce performed. I had been known at work for having anger issues, among other issues, and was always in the search for new ways to help me improve myself, as my issues were detrimental to all my relationships in my life, including my relationships with family and friends, co-workers and neighbors, and even my relationships with work and money. The first time I met Kandy and had a “process” done it was like being introduced to a sense for the first time, I imagine it like the first time you smelled, or the first time you tasted, or the first time you opened your eyes and saw. My mind was introduced to new ideas that I had never even conceived before. A whole new way of thinking was presented to me, and while it was a whole new idea, it also seemed ‘right’ and familiar in an unexplainable way. It was as if she unlocked something within my head that I knew, but was never conscience of. As most anyone who knows me on a personal level knows, I have since viewed my life as ‘before’ my first process and ‘after’ because of the absolutely dramatic difference in the way my mind thinks and operates. I only had two processes done within a few months of being exposed to Kandy and “processing”, but every time I reached a low in my life, some hurdle, or the complete chaos I have often been faced with, my mind has immediately gone back to the ideas and bliss that I reached in those first two times of meeting with her. I knew that if there was a way to improve me, what Kandy teaches was the only way that would work and even make sense for me. I had been to traditional therapists, read self-help books, practiced religion and meditation, but none of them embraced wholly the thoughts and ideas that were all-encompassing in Kandy’s form of therapy and none of them lined up all my beliefs, needs, and wants and the paths on how to obtain them all, as Kandy’s did. About five months ago my mind had taken enough of the chaos within it and I decided it was time to get in touch with Kandy again. Through a miraculous series of meaningful coincidences and synchronicities I ended up getting ahold of Kandy and have since been trying my best to see her every week. Her help in my life is like a necessary roadmap that I wouldn’t, or at least couldn’t currently, see and acknowledge for myself and lead me to becoming the person I know I truly am and want to be. Each time I meet with Kandy, my mind is blown away with her ability to make sense of things that seem non-sensical. My mind is blown away with every new lesson, every new perspective, and every new idea. One would think that eventually meeting with the same person and going over similar issues each week would eventually become old hat and that no new ideas would be presented, I can assure you this is not the case in meeting with Kandy. I always walk away from our meetings at higher, calmer, more peaceful resonance than I came in with and a much higher resonance than I believed she’d be able to help me get to. As a person who envelopes his life in Superheroes and Comic Books as I do, I can truthfully state that Kandy’s abilities rival that of the most accomplished Superheroes in our culture. The effect that she can, has, and will make on this existence to all those she comes in contact with, either directly or indirectly, is immeasurable for the amount of good it will produce.

-Trevor in Utah


I am a 40 year old mother of 6 children and I have battled severe depression, anxiety, addictions and multiple fears most of my life. Kandy has not only helped me overcome it all, but, with her methods, has lifted me higher than I ever thought possible. She helped me release suppressed emotion I never even knew I had, therefore helping me deal with my current life situations with a much more level head. She helped me realize that what I focus on grows and as I have focused on what I want in my life, i.e. happiness, peace, joy, love; I saw much more of that in my life. She helped me change my attitude of,” I can’t” or, “I’m afraid” to not just, “I think I can.”, but “ I KNOW I CAN!” I know that if you trust in Kandy’s methods as I have, you, too, can feel as I do… your joy will be as exceeding as was your pain!

-M. W. in Colorado


I have loved working with Kandy as a coach! She uses her intuition, extensive training, and life experience in a unique blend. It is extremely beneficial to have such an objective partner to identify areas where I’m “stuck” and help me see a way out. She is not afraid to call me on my “games.” Kandy is a sounding board but does much more than just listen. In private sessions as well as joint family sessions, her wise counsel has been priceless. No other coach/counselor I have ever worked with has been able to get to the root of the problem and deal with the real issues in such a constructive, helpful way. Kandy truly believes in the divinity of each soul, and her sincerity inspires healing and recovery.

-Denise in Utah


Emotional Release

Kandy is a master at emotional release therapy and lives what she teaches. Kandy is skillfully teaching me to change my life at the most fundamental level: belief. This has created a chain reaction, changing patterns and addictions, which has freed my heart and mind. I am learning the skills necessary to approach life fully awake, to transform pain and live in a balanced and joyful state. This modality has gone deeper, faster, with a greater healing effect than any traditional method I have tried. Get ready to change and heal yourself and those around you when you work with Kandy!

-Emily in Utah


While visiting my mother for some much-needed R&R, a friend introduced me to Kandy. I thought she would take away bitterness from a battered marriage; instead, she took me back to when I was 13-a frustrating time in my life when someone else controlled me. Since that time, I had lost the skills to problem solve and make decisions for myself. Kandy helped me release some bitter pain, and feelings that felt like oil-stained mud. I left that day feeling high on life, and filled with understanding. Now that I can remember who I am and who loves me, I can move forward with clarity.

-Happy in Hawaii


Therapy didn’t work for me, and I have been to many, many, many, too many. I know it works for a lot of people but not me. I struggled getting out of my bed for 12 years. I would be there for weeks at a time! I struggled getting out of my bed to the shower, it was nearly impossible for me to get out of my house to see a therapist. Truly, when I was introduced to Kandy Graves by my sister-in-law, it still took me two years and a lot of hell before I gave her a call. When I did finally call her, I promptly told her that I didn’t believe she could help me, but to go ahead and try. I was highly skeptical, to put it mildly. Well, approximately six months later, I am a new person! I’m off antidepressant medication for the first time since 2001. (something Kandy insisted I seek my medical professional about and I did).I chose that for me. My husband left me on September 4, 2015. Just, “I want a divorce!” and left. He’s addicted to pornography and I was addicted to depression. I have a new life, one that I’m proud of! My children, ages 25, 23, 20 and 18 are getting reacquainted with me and it’s new but very exciting and fun! She’s helped hundreds of people just like you and me! She teaches techniques and tools that will heal your mind, spirit, body, and relationships, (especially with your children) all with your higher power utilized and at the center of it! She also taught me to heal physical pain. If you knew me a year ago, you wouldn’t recognize me today! It’s who I am now: A person capable of growth and living deliberately! Much, much love. I highly recommend Kandy and I would encourage anyone to reach out immediately and get started on experiencing a life you may have thought only possible to you in your dreams!!

-Sydney in Texas


When I first began meeting with Kandy I was closed off and skeptical. I was worried that this would be another experience of digging up my past (which I thought was irrelevant to my current situation) and then talking about how I feel. I’ve been there and done that too many times with no improvement.
Meeting with Kandy was a life changing experience. Yes, we talked about the past and yes, we talked about how I felt about things. But what set her apart from everyone else was the tools she quickly taught me. Kandy was able to take all the confusing puzzle pieces of my life and put them together in a way that made sense for me. She helped me understand why things happened, why I have reactions I do, and HOW TO process and make life lasting changes!
I would recommend Kandy to everyone!

-Vivian W.,Utah


Working with Kandy Graves has been a life changing experience for me.  Using the arts of Emotional Release, NLP and other original modalities she has helped me to clear away emotional scar tissue and limiting patterns and beliefs.  Using Kandy’s methods, we began by identifying events, which happened in my life, which produced certain false and limiting beliefs. Negative beliefs and patterns buried deep in my subconscious, which led me unknowingly to create experiences which caused confusion, sorrow and suffering in my life.  Once I was able to identify the cause and the source of these false and damaging beliefs, Kandy skillfully showed me how to change them into true and healing beliefs, how to take accountability for my life and how to literally rewrite my past, present and future. Kandy has shown me how to use the incredible power of belief and thought to create the life I truly want.  She has taught me how to BE the person I truly AM.

I cannot describe what a deeply profound effect this has had in my life.  In just one year I feel I have progressed what normally would take several years or an entire lifetime.  Everything is better. My physical and emotional health are better because I am free of the thoughts and patterns which used to weigh me down.  My spiritual health is better. I have learned to align myself daily with my higher power on a deeper level and heal. My relationships with my children and family are better.  I have learned how to love myself and to set boundaries and how to show true charitable love to others. My business is thriving. I have learned that I have the power to accomplish anything and I am doing it!

Kandy’s greatest attributes as a life coach are her capability to see clearly and get to the heart of the issue quickly.  Her strength is her ability and willingness to see all sides of an issue, to see and speak the truth and to withhold any kind of judgment.  Her skill in helping people look at themselves and see themselves clearly for the first time is unmatched.

Kandy is a lifelong student devoted to the pursuit of truth.  She is constantly seeking and studying and looking honestly at herself, which gives her the ability to look honestly at others.  She is an absolute example of practicing what she preaches.

Working with Kandy I have learned to access the God power within me and the skills of creating what I want in my life.  I have set lofty goals and believe I will achieve each one of them. My future is so bright. Anything is possible.
Thank you, Kandy.
-JB, Utah

Weight Release

Kandy is my health coach and I have enjoyed working with her. She taught me very early on that she was going to coach me on a lifestyle adjustment– not a diet—because diets don’t work! Webster says that a diet is “a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight.” There is nothing sparse about eating 6 meals a day! The products she endorses are downright decadent; I felt like I was cheating when I was right on plan. High energy, low hunger, grab-and-go meals that kept me in the game with my fast-paced lifestyle-it just doesn’t get any better than this!

-Kennedy in Utah


My wife and I started the program on January 2nd, 2013. When we started I weighed 231 and she was about 118. My sweet wife had only a few pounds to lose. I had a bunch. Today, (May 2013) I weigh 174 and feel fantastic (57 pounds gone). I’ve had to purchase an entire new wardrobe, which is just fine. My waste went from a tight 38 to a comfortable 32. My shirts went from a stretched out XL to a lose Large and, in some cases, a Medium. I can’t believe it. I know longer snore. I no longer take medication for GURD. The severe asthma I have struggled with my ENTIRE life is now a thing of the past. I use zero asthma medication these days. Unbelievable. Additionally, I can run. . . I started slow a few weeks ago and found that I jogged 2 miles with little problem. The following week I jogged 4 miles. I am now up to 6 miles in one session, no walking, no tightness of breath, no sore anything. I’m feeling very good. I am actively training for a 1/2 marathon and then a full marathon next year. (B.C. did in fact run that 1/2 Marathon….in fact TWO so far now! 6/2014)

My wife is beautiful and is happier. She too has purchased new clothes. She weighs in at 98 pounds. We are actually the same weight today as we were when we met back in 1989! Amazing. Our kids are a little creeped out by it. . (haha) However, we are both more confident and I feel like I am setting a much better example for others. We are committed to living a healthy life style for the remainder of our days.

Thanks for your help on the program. It really has saved my life. You are doing a great work!”

– B.C. in California



I brought my 7-year-old daughter to see Kandy. At 7, she was already struggling with defiance and school troubles. I had been to traditional counselors prior to meeting with Kandy, and nothing they suggested I try worked. I learned valuable lessons each time we met with her. My daughter was acting out to get my attention. Kandy gently suggested I make some much-needed perception changes, and I am happy to report my daughter and I are both adjusting nicely! The defiance is gone and I have my happy little girl back once again.

-Maren and Alicia in Utah


When I first started working with Kandy, I was trying to work out issues in my current relationship. I felt smothered and overwhelmed by the constant and persistent neediness I felt from my partner-it was as if she needed my approval to breathe! I learned how to set personal boundaries and feel comfortable doing that. I had tried that before on my own but felt bad drawing the line in the sand. With Kandy’s help, I was able to see that I was a big factor in what I was experiencing from others in my life. I am happy to report that I have set that clear boundary and it feels so good, and the response has been amazing from others in my life! I changed and so did they-automatically!

-Chris H.


My name is Jose Rosales and I am from Mexico. As a child, I was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by my stepmother, by my father, and by my brothers. My biological mother died when I was six months old. My father decided to take me into his house with him and his wife, with whom he already had older children. I was raised in such poor conditions that my stepmother had to go and do chores in other houses to bring food once a day to all of us, including my drunken father. I was in charge of cleaning our house. We were all malnourished because most of the time we would eat once a day; my brothers would steal from Mom and Dad to go buy drugs.

My father was an alcoholic and drug addict, and three of his older sons followed his footsteps. I don’t remember when it was that I was abused for the first time. All I know is that I was raised believing I was only good for one thing: giving my brothers whatever they asked from me in order to survive. I was sexually abused all my life until the age of 14, when I decided that I would either commit suicide or leave that house where I was raised. I couldn’t be free. I had lost everything I had: my dignity, my worth as a male, my mother, my father (who was lost in alcohol every day)—I was desperate. I was tired of being threatened, being told by everyone in my house that I wasn’t worth anything.

When I left home I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I started working as a housekeeper where nobody lived. I would be starving and sometimes all I had was water for the day, but at least I wasn’t being abused anymore. God put people in my life who helped me graduate from high school, attend college, and learn a completely different type of survival.

However, deep in my soul I still had open wounds that were deeply inflicted on me. I didn’t love myself; I couldn’t say no to people. I tried to deny it for so many years, but the ghost of my past came to me, haunting me every night. I had nightmares/flashbacks almost every day. I fell into suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety. As a twenty-nine-year-old man, I thought I could gain control over this, but my inner child was screaming for help. He wanted to be saved.

I went to many traditional therapists and psychologists. I spent hours and hours of therapy just to open up my wounds, but by the time the therapist finished listening and taking notes, my time was up. I would leave the place with more pain that I had come in with. I was trying to get help; for 8 months I went to therapy, but I couldn’t find peace.

Thank God I told my best friend about my past and he introduced me to Kandy Graves. She started working with me. I learned from her what hope, love, and emotional honesty mean, because honestly, I had never seen that in my family. Kandy is helping me take care of and love my inner child.

My wounds are being healed, and I can go to bed knowing that I am safe now. I see the future with hope and with the knowledge that I become what I think about, so why not think happy thoughts? I am still on the road of healing, but I am so blessed to have someone so savvy in emotional healing as Kandy to show me how to love myself and love my life, and to recognize that all I went through is a blessing in my life. My inner child and I are safe now.

-Jose, Mexico


My name is Michelle. I am 49 years young! I was introduced to Kandy through my sweet nephew. And what a gift he gave me! I truly thought I was in such a great place in my life, but at the same time knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I felt stuck! There was something missing. My business was struggling, I was in what I like to call a daze. As my 50th year on this earth began I was looking at where I was. Nothing was ‘wrong’ but nothing was right. I have had experiences in emotional healing before and it had helped my through some real tough times. But I knew there was more to it.

After meeting Kandy I felt so strongly that I had found my ‘teacher’. I have now begun my journey to a life full of joy, fulfillment, and abundance! You see I was raised Pentecostal, and full of a lot of fear, based on religion. I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was 13. And even though this religion was nothing like the one I was raised in, I had such a strong belief system, based on fear, that I could not get away from the patterns I had created for myself based on who and what I believed God was.

It influenced my daily thoughts and beliefs so much I was sabotaging myself with everything in my life! Me, and no one else! And of course I had my own beliefs about myself and my ‘role’ in the family, as a child and as a mother. All of which had great intentions, but had painful outcomes. We have a Savior and it wasn’t me! I wasn’t sent here to ‘save’ anyone. But I was giving it all I had, literally!! And I was losing myself in the process! And that was not good for anyone, especially me!

Bruce and Kandy have a wonderful gift!! And I am so grateful that they have realized it and are now sharing it, helping others to realize the power that we all have within ourselves to live life on purpose! I have been able to clear the fog and am realizing my own potential and my life is changing daily!! DAILY!! And as a part of my healing process I’ve been coached by Kandy for my weight issues also, and what a difference it has made for me! I am off my ADD meds! I feel fantastic and I released 5 lbs in my first 5 days! A great start if you ask me!!! I love these two people and am grateful to my Father in Heaven for guiding me in their direction!

-Michelle, Utah